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**BREAKING NEWS** Our girl Prue had a litter of 9 puppies (5 boys and 4 girls) on 21/07/23.  If you would like to be considered for a puppy then please call us on 0472 513007.


Welcome to Pindari Park Golden Retrievers.  By visiting this website you already know that Golden Retrievers are the most family friendly, loveable, loyal and easy going dog.


We emigrated to Australia from the UK in 2016 and brought our first Golden Retriever, Margot with us.  Margot has an excellent British pedigree and is descended from prestigious kennels such as Ritzilyn, Thornywait, Putjade and Xanthos.  She went on to have three litters and we have kept a girl from each litter, Prue, Flora and Cybil.  Our girls not only have excellent pedigrees containing many champions from conformation shows and gun dog trials but most importantly have sweet natured and kind temperaments. 

The key attributes of Pindari Park stems from producing healthy, well structured, affectionate and biddable puppies.  We have taken great care in choosing sires for our litters and only the best is good enough for our girls.


Our Girls



Prue, (Pindari Park Singin in the Rain), born 28/11/18 has a fun loving nature but just like her mother Margot she's very kind, loves children and lots of cuddles!



Flora (Pindari Park Empress) born 20/03/2020 is the spitting image of her mother Margot inheriting her magnificent head and strong body. She is kind, loyal, affectionate and very keen to please!

Margot (Retired)


Margot (Altindan Going Steady) DOB 21/07/2013 came with us from England in 2016.  She has had three successful litters, so much so we kept a girl from each!  She now enjoys a happy retirement and is a doting Grandma! 


Litter's Due

Prue is expecting a litter!  She is due to whelp around 21 July 2023.  The sire of the litter is Jane Hodges Aust Ch Fantango Here Comes the Sun (AI) "Ringo". We are taking names for her puppy list so if you'd like to go on our list then please contact us.

About Us

Temperament is our emphasis

Pindari Park breeding kennel was established in 2018 focussing on the wonderful temperament of Golden Retrievers.  

We emigrated with our two Golden Retriever bitches to South West Victoria in April 2016.  We now have four Golden Girls who are very much part of the family, living with us in our home and go wherever we go.

Our dogs are excellent examples of their breed having enviable English pedigree's.  

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0472 513007

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